If you’ve been wanting to get rid of your glasses, you might be considering Lasik surgery.

There are two different types of Lasik procedures, one of them is performed using a blade and the other one is bladeless.

Traditional Lasik eye surgery uses a special instrument or blade called a microkeratome. This instrument is used to cut the cornea and create a flap. Once the flap is created the surgeon can use a laser to help correct your vision. 

The newest type of Lasik eye surgery is called iLasik or IntraLase. This is a bladeless procedure where the Lasik surgeon uses two different types of laser. The first laser used is called a femtosecond laser, and the second laser is called the excimer laser. The first laser used in the iLasik surgery helps create a flap in the cornea and the second laser helps reshape the tissue in the cornea.


Our Lasik eye surgery center is located in Fraser, in the greater Detroit area of Michigan. At Fite Eye Center our Lasik doctor specializes in iLasik surgery and has performed thousands of Lasik surgeries in Michigan to satisfy patients. We perform free iLasik evaluations for any interested patients. We use advanced WaveScan technology to evaluate your vision and customize a treatment for each one of your eyes. ILasik uses a combination of two of the most advanced Lasik technologies available. iLasik surgery can help correct a broad range of vision imperfections and allows eye surgeons to customize the procedure for each patient.